Marina location


Name:Tokyou Wan Marina

Address:3-11-2,Shin Suna,Koto-ku,Tokyo

For the guests coming by train,we'll arrange the pick-up between the station and marina.

Please put the request at the time of reservation.

"Seven Eleven"(convenience store)is our meeting point.

Access is as followed;

●Get off Tozai-Line(Tokyo Metro)at Minami Sunamachi station.

●Proceed to exit No.3

●Come out from exit No.3,go straight to the right,then you'll find "Seven Eleven"on your left side

For the guests coming to the marina by taxi,please captain's mobile phone upon the arrival.

Phone namber:090-8749-6179

Please make sure to come to the marina or pick-up point on time.

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