Please make sure that you read before you make the reservation and being on board.


Our tour is 6 hours(departure from/arrival at pier).
During the tour,not only fishing,you'll enjoy the dynamic scenery in Tokyo bay.
We can finish the tour earlier if you wish to.
In such case,please feel free to inform captain accordingly.
Toilet is equipped with our boat.
Request for film-shooting from off-shore/
cruising are also welcomed.Please feel free to contact us.
You may get wet due to wave/splash.So the rain jacket is "must item"regardless of weather.
Recommended wears as followed;
Cloths:comfortable outfits
Highly recommended to wear cap and sun-glass to protect your head/eyes.
For night fishing,clear(transparent)lens are recommended.
For smokers,please make sure to bring the portable ashtray with you.
We may request those guests,who is drunk, not to join the tour for the safety reason.
Please make sure to wear life jacket while you are on board.
You can bring drinks/foods as you like,but please do not throw away the rubbish during the tour.Those rubbish to be sorted and disposed into dust bins in the marina.
For those guests who worries about seasick,
recommended to take anti-seasick medicine before/during the tour.
Please be aware of "gills"or"dorsal fin"of seabass
as it's very sharp. Also, please be aware of hooks
of your lures. In case of any injury, we will not pay any compensation or be held liable. For your safety, please use baebless hook(or smash barbs).
Please do not get on the boats.

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