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〒335-0004 埼玉県蕨市中央3-6-1 MJビル2F

電話番号 048-420-5010

Privacy policies


We, Clover Industries Inc., fully recognize that the private information from our valued customers are quite important/sensitive, and we will handle the information based on following policies.


In our organization, we have the strict control about the customers’ private information, complying with regulations and law.


We will correct/utilize customers’ private information only for the specific purpose.


We may use it to send you campaign information, or products dispatch, booking confirmation, etc.


In order to prevent the leakage/lost/alteration of private information, we will conduct proper countermeasures.


Your private information, such as name, address, contact, will be strictly controlled, but it may be provided to public authorities, such as police agency if required by them or by law.


We will try to keep our best and continuously review this policy, for the purpose of proper utilization and protection of your private information


If you should have any inquiries about the points above, please kindly drop us the e-mail.

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